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How to connect a lamp through a switch from an outlet
We analyze in detail a common situation when an additional lamp must be connected from the outlet through a switch.
How to connect an outlet to a switch
Detailed instructions on how to make an outlet from the switch with your own hands.
Where to place the sockets in the bathroom
Socket in the bathroom: selection and installation, how much can and should be installed, at what height and in what places, ...
What are the sockets, their device, types and classification
Socket types: various connectors, installation types, technical specifications, additional functions and design features.
What switches and sockets are better for choosing an apartment
How to choose sockets and switches for an apartment yourself: which brands are better to pay attention to, a rating of the best manufacturers on the market.
What sockets and switches are best to put in an apartment
Which sockets are better for installing in an apartment: choice by components and type of installation, what additional functions are, rating of outlet manufacturers.
How to connect an outlet and a switch from one wire
Detailed instructions for connecting a light source with a switch and an outlet from one wire coming from the electrical panel.
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