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How to weld wires with your own hands
How wires are welded: on copper and aluminum strands. Common methods and tools are homemade and industrial production.
Terminals for wires
We consider what the lugs for wires are for and what types they are.
PPE for connecting wires. Do they make the electrician's job easier?
What are PPE caps, what are they intended for, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose them correctly ...
Connection of wires with crimping sleeves
When is wire crimping suitable and how to perform it correctly? We are considering how to reliably connect the wires using special sleeves.
Heat shrinkage for wires - purpose, types and sizes
What is heat shrink tubing and what materials is it made and where is it used? What are the types of heat shrinkage and how to use it.
How to properly solder wires and what is needed for this
We consider the advantages and disadvantages of connecting wires using soldering, the necessary tools and materials and the soldering process itself.
How to connect aluminum to copper wire
We figure out why you can't just twist copper and aluminum wires and what connection method should be used in this case.
How to twist wires correctly
We figure out how to make a good twist of single-core and stranded wires and correctly insulate it.
How to properly connect wires together
We consider the methods of connecting wires, widely used in practice: twisting, soldering, welding, crimping and others.
Should I use Wago terminal blocks to connect wires?
We understand how the Wago terminal blocks are arranged, what they are, their advantages and disadvantages, and when it is advisable to use them.
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